L2 Saga High Five x50

l2saga h5

  • Grand Opening: Friday 11 January & 19:00 GMT +2

    Probably the best quality around on H5 servers. Forget what you know already for this kind of Servers. L2Saga H5 will offer a true Lineage Gameplay.

    Do NOT Join This Server if:

    • You don’t know how to play REAL Lineage II
    • You need items in order to play
    • You don’t want a Long Term Game Play
    • You haven’t read our Features
  • Beta Period: 5 Jan – 10 Jan

Our basic differences with other servers

  • Player’s Skills (PTS Formulas)

    • You can get 2 hours buffs only from Community Board NPC Buffer and from Offline Buff Stores (22 + 4).
    • Battle Roar Skill is not stack-able with Improved Condition Skill
    • Hide skill from daggers are perfectly original, which means absolutely any other action besides moving gets you out of it
    • Fake Death skill can only be canceled with /stand command
    • Some skills like Lucky Strike on dwarfs etc. requires to have an enemy in target
    • Sonic Buster from duelists does frontal damage only, and despite the skill animation, it is adjusted as the PTS database and also the skill information
  • Quests

    • Joining Orders and participating in Festivals (Dawn or Dusk) are working and it can affect the losing side with a debuff for the rest of the week
    • Behemoth, Drake Lord and Dragon Beast will detect your presence in teleport and they will start their combat
    • “Don’t know Don’t care” has retail rewards therefor it is harder to take a good rewards
    • “Don’t know don’t care” quest bosses are spawning every 4 hours and only the party or CC who makes last hit can take the quest item (afk players will not)
  • Farm Zones (PTS AIs)

    • Almost all monsters in our Farm Areas are having an AI so the mobs are spawning randomly, not always in the same coordinates
    • Hatchlings are a Dragon Valley event like the original version of Hi5, spawning in packs at random hours and running trough DV map
    • Gem dragons move by groups but they don’t have Hatchlings and they anchor with a much lesser rate
    • Knoriks have retail-like behavior and attack power (They are much harder to kill)
    • Lizardmen Plains debuff works therefor you will take more damage and it will constantly keep you in combat, unable to take buffs
    • SOA buffs are working

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    1 month ago

    Saga Gaming

    ➤ We bring players to our server by offering to them new things like Achievements system, or Calendar & Challenges.

    ➤ They prefer to use their old fashioned way of promising Donation Coins and items, as you can see in their official stream's screenshot

    ⚠ While others pay for these items, or work hard to get them, these owners are showing NO respect at all.

    ⛔ So blacklist them now, and bring your friends to our server. They deserve to learn too how a clean server looks like..

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